Sonja's Page
Here you will find some information about me, some of my personal
experiences at Andre's concerts, meetings with other fans, etc.  I will also post
information about what we have done and made for Andre and his JSO.    And
just some stuff that I think you may be interested in.
Stop by once in a while and share your information about concerts you have
been to.   If you have a question for me, you can reach me at
I do get a lot of mail and it may take a while before I can write back, but I will

And for all those fans who ask me what liefetjes means:
Liefetjes is a Sonja word.  Liefs means Love as you write it under a letter.
tje is a Dutch diminutive.  For instance Boy is jongen, Little boy is jongentje.
So basically Liefetjes is little love.

Just some information about me.

My 'Discovery of Andre'.

The Andre Basket in Aachen, July 2003

The Oprah Box

Fans Helping Hands for the 2004 Tour

The Andre Basket in Indianapolis, 2004

Stars Named Heavenly Music and Guiding Light

The Andre Stitchers Page 1

The Andre Stitchers Page 2

Sonja's Shirts

Our Disney trip