"The Andre Stitchers"
            May 2005
The Wind Section
Teun Ramaekers
Nathalie Bolle
Manoe Konings
Arthur Cordewener
The Soloists
Carmen Monarcha
Carla Maffioletti
Suzan Erens
The Choir
Kalki Schrijvers
Judith Luesink
Karin Haine
Nicolle Steins
The Adminisration
Frans Neus
The lady in the  boutique
at the concerts
Kerstin Cornelis
Tour Manager
Gaby Daelmans
The helpdesk
Mrs Marjorie Rieu
Handing out cards in Cleveland
Andre's tour manager
Kerstin Cornelis.
What could it be? Patiently waiting.
Leon, Franco, Noelle, Lin, Judith
Jean Sassen and his wife
Mireille, Ruud and Franco.
Manoe Konings
Carmen and Agnes
Franco, Vincenzo and Noel
Oh,oh, no card for Vincenzo.
Manoe and Mireille
Hanneke roggen
Lin and Ruud
With Marcel and Roger in
I  gave the cards I had not
been able to hand out to
Mirielle to give to the other
orchestra members.
For the Administration I also changed the third paragraph inside the card.  I wrote:
We are very thankful for your hard work behind the scenes.  It helps Andre and the JSO do what
they do best: make beautiful music and make all their fans around the world happy.
I put all these card in a basket and took them to the concert in Cleveland.   I had written to Kerstin to let
her know we had something special for all of them.   The orchestra members stood around me patiently
waiting while I tried to get the cards to the correct person.   I was too busy handing out cards to take
pictures so I am very happy some other fans sent me these pictures of the occasion.  Thank you.
Karin Haine