Sonja's News letters
Here you will find the letters I have sent out.   Many will have links to Andre pictures and video
clips.   I will not add those to links since most of those clips and pictures will only be on the web
temporary.   In time I will add some of the older letters that have some fun info in them, but for
now just the latest.  If you want to be on the mailing list to receive these letters as soon as I sent
them I require Name, City and State.   This is just for my information only and helps to keep
unwanted people of the mailing list.
November, 2007

September, 2007

August Letter, 2007

June letter 2, 2007

June letter, 2007

May letter, 2007

March letter, 2007

February Letter, 2007

January Letter, 2007

November Letter 2, 2006

November Letter, 2006

October Letter, 2006

September Letter, 2006

August Letter, 2006

June Letter, 2006

May Letter, 2006

March Letter,  2006

February Letter, 2006

December Letter 2, 2005

December Letter 1, 2005
Fan Letters.

Wim van Wingerden, Jan 2007