"The Andre Stitchers"                         
 May tour 2005

For the tour in May of 2005, I thought it would be a nice idea to do something special for the orchestra
members.   Andre always gets all kinds of presents from his fans, but I wanted to let the orchestra
members know that we appreciate all of them.  Especially all the traveling they do, so many of us can
see them  live in concert.   My idea was to make a cross stitch card for every member of the
orchestra.  The cross stitch was to be the instrument that they played.  Of course this would be
impossible to do by myself.   So I sent out a news letter asking for cross stitchers who were willing to
help.   I ended up with 20 stitchers, so the next step was for me to look for cross stitch charts for each
of the instruments.   Once that was accomplished we could get started.   I sent the charts to the 'Andre
Stitchers' and we went to work.    Everyone sent the completed sample to me and I made the cards.   
It was a quite a bit of work and several times I really declared myself crazy, but they turned out
beautiful.    And the response we received from many of the orchestra members made it worth the

This is what I wrote on the inside of the cards.
These are the Cards we made for the JSO members as they were listed on Andre's website in May
of 2005.  I was able to give many cards personally and those I did miss I gave to Mireille (the
drummer) who said she would make sure they would all receive them.    You can click on the
thumbnail to enlarge the picture.
The String Section
Of course we made a card for Andre.   I thought
I found the perfect paper to make the card.
Franco Vulcano
Chaja van Collem
Roland Lafosse
Jean Sassen
Tanja Derwahl
Jan Knooren
Joelle Tondaer
Hanneke Roggen
Margriet van Lexmond
Karin Hinze
Cord Peters
Karlien Opsteeg
Diana Morsinkhof
Lin Jong
Monica Das
Boris Goldenblank
Jet Gelens
Stephanie Detry
Frank Steijns
Freya Kremers
Els Mercken
Vincenzo Viola
Lara Meuleman
Kremi Minerva
Pierre Collem
Klaartje Polman
Linda Custers
Nadejda Diakoff
The Brass Section
Rene Henket
Roger Diederen
Pierre Rieu
Renate Dirix
Ton Maessen
Noel Perdaens
Ruud Merx
Marc Doomen
Both Renate Dirix and Marc Doomen have left the JSO.  They were long time members and therefor
I asked the stitchers to help make a card for them too.  Under Links you can find their new websites.
Inside the card for them I changed the last paragraph to:  Thank you for the continues enjoyment
you give us through video, dvd and cd.  We miss you in the JSO, but wish you much success in your
new endeavours.
The Percussion Section
Mireille Brepols
Marcel Falize
Ronald Gerards
The Key boards
Jo Huijts
Leon van Wijk
Ward Vlasveld
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