Stars for Andre and Marjorie
Before, do we really dare???
After, We sure did and what fun it was!!!
Thank you for 25 year on the stage.
Wow, this is heavy!!
Monique making her speech!
What is this?
Stars!!!  You can do that in the USA.
Kerstin was kind enough to use my camera to take some pictures, so we have this for history.
At the May 2005 tour in the US, Thea came with me to several concerts.  We brought three copies
of this picture for Andre to sign.   Ah, I remember this, he said laughing and signed with flourish.  
                   During the US tour of 2004, I had an idea of something fun to do for Andre                  
                   and Marjorie.  I am sure they are overwhelmed with presents, so I wanted to                
                   do something different.    I came up with the idea of naming some stars after               

Stars for our Stars.
Together with other fans I came up with two names.  There were quite a few ideas, but two names
 stood out and we ended up with the following two names.

Andre Rieu-Heavenly Music

Marjorie Rieu-Guiding light   

Some of the names suggested for Andre were: (I am afraid I no longer have the suggested names for Marjorie)
                                                             (If any of you still have them please sent them to me)
Andre Rieu,
Heavenly music

Andre Rieu,
Dutch Treat

Andre Rieu,
Celestial Movements

Andre Rieu
Celestial Melody

Andre Rieu
Marvelous Maestro

Andre Rieu
Celestial Strings

Andre Rieu
Enchanted Bow

Andre Rieu
Stradivari Dust

Andre Rieu
Twilight Area

Andre and Marjorie's Stars are located in the Harp constellation, which can be seen both in the
US and in Europe.  I requested the stars to be in the same area and that is what the International
Star Registry did for me.    The stars came with certificates and a map of the heavens to locate
the Stars.     The coordinates are:
Andre Rieu-Heavenly Music Lyra RA 19h 22m 21.41s D38' 49'39.30"
Marjorie Rieu-Guiding light Lyra RA 19h 19m 25s D37' 25

I wrote to Kerstin (Andre's tour manager) with my idea and asked if I could get an opportunity to
give the Stars to him when I was at the concert in Kerkrade.      She wrote back that she would
give me a special Meet and Greet pass to do so.   Monique and Thea also had a nice idea for a
present,   The year 2004 was Andre's 25 year anniversary on the stage.    They decided to have a
beautiful heart of roses made forthe occasion.    Since it was such a special occasion Monique
and Thea wanted to do something else and they talked me into joining them.
We decided to go in old fashion dresses.   We wore hoop skirt and had a blast trying them on.

Kerstin told me to call her before the concert and she would give me the passes.
I called her when we arrived and she met us at the door of the stadium and gave me the passes,
she took the flowers from Monique and Thea and brought them already up to the room where we
were to meet Andre after the concert.

                                                         By now most of you have seen the concert taped                   
                                                          in Kerkrade "The Flying Dutchman", so you can
                                                         imagine what fun we had.     The concert lasted
                                                         till 12:30 and I was dancing in front of Andre's
                                                         stage on my birthday for the second time.  The                       
                                                          first time was in Aachen the year before.   

At the concert I was able to give Pierre a small present too.    I love the picture of Pierre and the
teddy bear, so when I saw this little bear with a trumpet, I thought that would make a nice little
present.  I gave him the box and he said: Thank you so much,
that is very sweet of you.  He worked very hard in Kerkrade but
still took the time to look at it and show his appreciation.  He is
a very nice young man.   

After the concert, Kerstin brought us to the Meet and Greet room and there
we met up with Andre.    He loved the flowers the girls gave him.  Monique
had a little speech prepared.  He recognized me from last year and opened
the box with the Star certificate.    He was impressed and said: You named
a star after me.  To some of the bystanders he said, you can do that in the
USA. I had also made a little needle point as memento of the Stars, but told
him he could open that later.  He of course was in a hurry, there were other
people waiting for him.    As you all know the  concert was a great success.   Many people wanted
to see Andre. There were 18.000 people at the concert and I was happy to be able to see him
while he was so busy.   When Andre started to leave, Monique suddenly remembered that she
forgot to ask for his signature  on a  music book for Cathy.   She asked him if he could still do so.
                                                 She and her dress or maybe her dress and she, hoop and all          
                                                  nervously ran to the hall to get the book out of her backpack.        
                                                  Andre  had waited and signed the book then said he really had to  
                                                  go.  He said I will see you in the US to me and left.  While he          
                                                  walked away he turned and waved.  We were told that we could     
                                                 stick around for a while if we wanted to and so we headed for the   
                                                 VIP lounges.    We were invited into one of the lounges and had a   
                                                 drink, then we realized the people there thought we played in the    
                                                 orchestra.  It was very funny.   

It was time to call it a day. It was late and most people had left.  We had taken a taxi to the
stadium, because of the flowers, but it was not far so we decided to walk back.    While on the
way, Kerstin saw us, (
of course those dresses sure made us stand out)  and offered us a lift.   It
was not an easy feat to get into that small Dutch car with hoop skirts let me tell you.  She took us
to the hotel and told us she would be going on vacation with her husband the next day, for the
first time in three years.  We wished her a great trip and told her how much we enjoyed the

At the hotel we celebrated my birthday with a bottle of champagne.   Then Monique realized she
did not have here camera.   We suspected that we had left it at the lounge so the next morning
we went back to the stadium.   But no camera had been found, we even were allowed to look
around but nothing.   So we reported the loss it to the police.   The good news was that our
Andre pictures were on my camera.   Then a little light went on and we thought it was probably in
Kerstin's car.   We tried to call her, but of course she was on vacation. So another plan was made
and we went to Andre's studio.   We rang the bell (the lost camera of course was a perfect
excuse) and a young man answered it.   First he did not want to come out, but when we explained
that Monique's camera was probably in Kerstin's car, and we wondered if she by any chance had
left it at the studio.  He came out and talked to us for a while, and Monique left her address with
him.     He then looked at us and said" Hey, you are the girls with the dresses.   Apparently he
had already seen the tapes and recognized those crazy girls.   He then gave us some signed
postcards, and that really was the end of out adventure and we went direction home.  

Some time later Monique received her camera back.   It was indeed in Kerstin's car and she had
mailed it back to her.   Andre has some very nice people working for him.  

The Star Map with the location.
The Constellation chart.    I have
highlighted the harp constellation
Star Registration Certificate