The Oprah box
Around January 2004, I received a
letter from someone in Andre's
administration.   It read as follows.
She had attached the letter she had written to Oprah.  In it she explained how Andre had helped her
and her husband and how thankful she was.   She wrote me because she knew I had a mailing list and
hoped I could help.

I wrote her back telling her that I had the same idea about promoting Andre over here and that I had
already asked the fans to start writing Oprah and several other talk shows.    I also wrote the that we
would try to write Oprah as often as we could.

After about six months of e-mailing to Oprah without any success, I came up with another idea.   I had
the idea that all the fans write to me and that way I can sent a box full of letters to Oprah.    I had many
fans who helped out.    Besides well over 320 letters, (
Lost count at 320 and refused to start over
from many different countries,  fans also sent Andre's book,  the "Life from Dublin", the
'Romantic Paradise" DVDs, the 'In Concert' video, the 'Flying Dutch Man' and 'Romantic Moments' CDs,
Linda sent an Andre sweatshirt, Maggie made a video of her wall of Andre friends. I sent Information
about Sally's and my websites.   I sent a bumper sticker and pictures of cars from different states with
the bumper stickers on it.   I sent an Andre button.   I added concert pictures, pictures of fans I met,
pictures of a dancing Cassandra, guest book messages from over 30 different countries. I sent pictures
of his castle and wrote about the dedication of 'Lost Heroes' to 9/11.   I sent some information about
'Dan the banner man'.
I mailed this box, to Oprah's studio in January 2005.  I mailed it priority mail, return signature
requested.   They received it and I have not heard anything back about it.
I think it is a shame that it was not acknowledged, but now that Andre is number one on the classical
charts we may try writing to her website again.   After all she asks for show ideas!!!!
I have also talked to Andre's manager about trying to get Andre on the Oprah show, at the time she
thought it a good idea.   She also mentioned Larry King.
Of course with Andre having a first place on the music charts he does not need the talk shows as
much.    I think his fans have done a tremendous job getting the word out.   After all PBS has been
trying since 1996 with limited success and things did not change until his
fans started spreading
the word and his music.

Story continues with 'Fans helping hands'!

Subject: Andre Rieu

Dear Sonja,


Let me introduce myself: my name is (
I took out the name for her privacy)  and I work at the
office of Andre Rieu.  I want to thank Andre for helping me and my family through very difficult
times some years ago. So now I'm trying to get him on the Oprah Winfrey show.

I already sent them an e-mail (see attachment) and asked them to invite Andre as a guest,
but I guess one request from someone from Holland won't make much of an impression
with the producers.  So I have another plan: I want as many American fans as possible to
ask the same question: “Please, Oprah, invite Andre Rieu to your show.   Then surely they will
ask themselves  Who is that man from Holland -playing the violin- so many people are  suddenly
asking for?  and maybe they will invite him.

Can you please help me and contact as many fans as possible, even friends or family members and
ask them to mail the Oprah Winfrey show?

If the link doesn't work, just visit and select the option.  E-mail us,

Maybe you can also make an appeal to the readers of your website and our guest book. I'm sure
a guest appearance at Oprah's will make Andre widely known in your country
and it will lead to more concerts and tours on your side of the world.

Thanks very much!
P.S. I'm going to search for e-mail addresses of American fans on our
website and ask them the same thing, so maybe, if you do help me, you can
let your friends know it's possible they get a message from me. Of course
everyone can explain their own reasons why they want Andre on the show.