Dear Andre friends.                                                                                       March 2006

First I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter.  A little early but I do not think there will be another letter
before Easter.  

I am sure most of you by now have heard there will be a special concert in Radio City Music Hall in New
York City on July 29.   They will tape this concert for PBS and it will be extra long.
I assume they will make a DVD from it for the American market.    The original plan was to have a big
outdoor concert at Liberty Park, however with the concerts in Vienna and Maastricht in July, there was
just not enough time to do another big outdoor concert.   However I think they may try to do the Liberty
Park concert next year.
At the Vienna concert they will also make a DVD and he will pull out all the stops for this show as we
have already seen, there will be figure skating.  It will be an outdoor event in front of the Palace
Schonbrunn.  I also heard from Andre in an interview that he had been in contact with the Spanish Riding
School.   I do not know anything else about that.   The Lipizzaner horses generally do not perform in July.  
 The concert will first be on TV.  

I also heard the Andre will be in a "Real Life Soap".   This is a program on Dutch TV were a celebrity is
filmed throughout several days and they show his day to day life.
Now several Dutch celebrities already have been on this show and they showed what they did on a daily
basis including their life at home.   I think the show with Andre will be more his working life than his home
life.   Andre likes to keep his private life private.    (Most of you know that he does not live in the castle
but in a regular house close to the castle.  He used the castle for publicity and for entertaining)   I do not
think Marjorie would want to seen in the show and it would be hard to film his home life without her.  The
crew of the TV station 'De Tros'  will be taping during the US tour and also during the concerts in Vienna.   
 I hope my friend will tape the programs for me so I can share it with you.    I saw a little of some of the
show with the another celebrity and it was interesting.
The Tros has a webpage about Andre, it is in Dutch but if you scroll down to videos you will find several
videos in which Andre has appeared.

A few weeks ago I received the CD from Jean-Philippe and I can definitely recommend it.   As you know
Andre and he composed several beautiful songs together, including 'Lost Heroes', Nur mit dir, Ballade etc.
  On the CD Jean-Philippe plays his own piano compositions and it is beautiful, soothing and relaxing
music.  Perfect for after a hard day's work.     You can listen to it on his website at
It is now also easy to pay for the CD since he has added paypal to his account.    You can choose the
language for the website including English.   It is a bit hard to see, just move your mouse over the left
bottom corner.  

Andre and his JSO will be starting their US tour soon, let's give him a wonderful welcome.  I also like to
wish all the fans who are going to a concert a wonderful time.  Do not forget to wear your red flower.  

I have several tickets from fans for sale.    One ticket for Tampa, Fl.   Two tickets for Dallas, and several
tickets for Maastricht, both for Friday and for Saturday.  If you are interested in any of these please drop
me a line and I will give you more details.

For the website I am working on a page about Manoe, I am waiting for some pictures,  I am also working
on a page for Arthur.    I am going to add a page about the Andre stitchers.
If any of you have any suggestions about lyrics or who you would like to have a page on next let me
know.   I still have many things I would like to add, but time constraints often makes it that I do not get to
it.   At the moment my Adobe photo shop is not working right and I use it a lot with making the pages, so
the next page may take a while.   

After Andre's visit from the PBS people several of you asked me if I eat herring.   You better believe it.  I
love herring, mackerel, eel and all kind of fish they have in Holland.   I grew up close to the ocean and
used to eat quite a bit of fish, so now whenever I am home I cannot get enough of it.       

I am sorry I forgot to tell you the answer to the question I asked in the Feb. News letter.

In an interview Andre was as always asked about his Stradivarius.    "We heard that this valuable
instrument at night is in bed with you.   We heard that Andre loves his wife very much, but his
Stradivarius at least as much".
The interviewer then asks: "Andre, if there would be a fire at your home at night, who
will you rescue first, your wife or your Stradivarius???
Without a care in the world Andre answers: "My violin of course, my wife has legs
and can walk herself.
Several of you guessed, the only one who came close was Cathy Camarda from
Boston,    I liked the answer Kay Caroll gave best.  She said "Andre will give the
violin to Marjorie to carry and then rescues her.