December 2005
Dear Andre Fans      

This will be the last letter for a while, my Mom is here and with
Christmas, and work I will not have time to work on this.   
However I wanted to give you a few more news tidbits.

First on   you will be able to see
Andre read the Christmas story.   It is in Dutch but since we all
know the story you will know what he is saying.
Click on the banner then scroll down and click on the yellow button
if you have a fast connection and on the orange button if you have
telephone connection.

There is going to be a second concert in Maastricht on Friday July
14.    Both concerts will start at 09:30 P.M. .
Ticket sales has started and  tickets can be ordered by phone at the
"Uitbalie" Maastricht +31 43 350 5555  If you would like more
information let me know.

I have posted several new translations and also a few new dates for
concerts in the US for next year.   Looks like they will be coming
several times next year.   On October 31 in Lincoln NE and in
December in Tucson and Toronto.

It turns out our travel agent is still working on getting a trip to
Maastricht together.   I had told her that the most important thing
would be to have good tickets in Maastricht and she now has taken
an option on 40 seats on July 14 on the day the tickets went on
sale.  So these are good seats in the first section.  She is putting
together the rest of the itinerary and will let me know soon what it
looks like.
I think it would be great fun to travel with a bunch of Andre fans.    
The option on the tickets is good until Dec 28.   I should know in
the next few days or so what the rest of the trip will look like and
how much it would cost.   Good tickets to the concert and traveling
with a busload of Andre fans.  That must be fun, and who knows
what else.   I suggested having dinner on the Vrijthof on Saturday.   
 If interested let me know.    We need at least 30 people to get this
done.   If interested keep an eye on your e-mail,  I will need to let
her know if this will work before December 28, or we will lose the
option on the tickets!!!

Then for all of you going to the West Coast concerts have a
wonderful time and remember to wear a red flower.  Andre and his
JSO recognize that as a sign of the fans who have helped with his
promotion here!!!   Also remember you are a large part of my
website.   I need pictures and stories to share.    So let me know
how it was.  What songs did they play.   As you know Carmen is
no longer with the JSO but there is a new girl, and the three tenors
will be traveling with them.     I really thought they would fly this
time the distance between some of the Venues is so large.   But the
busses are here and it is quite a undertaking in the winter time.   
Hope you all let them know how much we appreciate it.

I like to wish everyone a
wonderful Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and I will
be back in January.


Naughty or


PS  I will post a few more Andre Christmas pictures on my website.