Sinterklaas Dag
December 5th
Dear Andre Friends

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.     Of course it is an American
celebration and only we celebrate it.    The next holiday in Holland is Sinterklaas. (St
On December 5th  the Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas day. Did you know Santa Claus
originated in Holland as Sinterklaas?

If you are interested you can read more about our Sinterklaas by clicking here
With a fast connection you can even watch the arrival of Sinterklaas and his black
peters with his steamboat.

I am sure many of you have read about the wonderful Christmas show.    I have a few
pictures for you as preview.   These were sent to me by Helma, one of my German
fan friends.  She took them from the TV.   

The show was taped in Trier last year.   After all he will be on the West coast this
December, so they taped it ahead of time.    
Helma wrote me:   For me, the most beautiful song was from the opera Haensel und
Gretel from Engelbert Humperndinck
sung by Carmen and Carla :

Abends wenn ich schlafen geh,                In the evening when I go to sleep
Vierzehn Engel bei mir stehn,                     Fourteen angels are with me
Zwey zu meiner Rechten,                          Two on my right,
Zwey zu meiner Linken,                            Two on my left,
Zwey zu meinen Häupten,                         Two at my head         
Zwey zu meinen Füssen,                           Two at my feet
Zwey die mich decken,                              Two to cover me
Zwey die mich wecken,                             Two to wake me up
Zwey die mich weisen                               Two to lead me
In das himmlische Paradeischen                 To the heavenly paradise

The Nagasaki chior

Andre's 2005 Trier Christmas show.

Helma also sent me the following information:
You can watch yesterday's interview with André Rieu on ZDF Mittagsmagazin on the
website    write in the searchline Andre Rieu and you will get the result ZDF
MITTAGSMAGAZIN: click on it and you will be on the site to watch the video. You
can see a few seconds the wonderful Nagasaky Childrenchoir singing Silent Night with
You will be able to watch the interview if your computer is set up for it.   It is in
German.   This is a synopsis of what he says:

Andre tells about how his sons make Christmas dinner and the first time they did so,
everything was made with tomatoes.   They had given Pierre a cookbook: 'Everything
with tomatoes'.   Pierre and Marc used that cookbook for the first Christmas meal
they made.   Of course they were still small and Andre and Marjorie went

He had had many offers to play at Christmas and between Christmas and New Year,
but that is private time and he does not play during that time.

He likes to travel with the whole group, he does not like a lonely life like some other
musicians.   Traveling with the JSO keeps him young.   Many of them have been with
him for fifteen years or more.

Talks about how he and Marjorie are putting the finishing touches to the next concert
for the tour, which starts in a few days.   He is public, she private and their time
together is private.

He is an eternal optimist and believes everything will end well.  There are solutions for
every problem.  

Two more concerts and then he is off to the US and Canada.  (he looks like he is
looking forward to it)

I have made quite a bit of progress on my site.   Most of the translations are done.   I
have added the 2004 concerts and several lyrics.   I will keep adding things, but with
Christmas around the corner, my Mom is coming next week so it may slow down a bit
now.   I have to set up a good guestbook but have not have time to do it yet.   It too
will come.

Have a good week.