Happy Valentine's Day.

It has been quite a while since you heard from me.    But if you have looked at my web site lately you can
see what I have been up too.    I have added many pages and I hope you enjoy them.  Let me know.  

There also is not much news to report.  Many of you already know that there will be a second concert in
Vienna, and there will be a Television broadcast and a DVD made of the concerts.   Andre said it will be
the most spectacular DVD yet.

I heard there will be a third concert in Maastricht.  Both Saturday and Friday have sold out, so they will
add Sunday like last year.   If any of you know of anyone who would like tickets to Friday.  I have some
to sell.    First category, but I do not know the seats yet.  

One of the pages I added is a page on Jean-Philippe.   As I wrote in July of 2004, Jean-Philippe left
Andre's company and started his own.    He now has a CD out with beautiful piano music.  He also has a
web site and you can find some more information on his web site and on my web site.      
http://www.jp-rieu.com  A few fans have already ordered the CD.  Remember the beautiful compositions
he and Andre did together, this CD is full of quiet, peaceful piano music.   The problem was that payment
to Holland is a problem.    I wrote to him and suggested that he install Paypal as an easier way for
people from all over the world to pay for the CD.   He wrote me back earlier but today I received an
e-mail from him that Paypal should be functioning as of today!!!    He was kind enough to sent out several
CD without them being paid for and trusted us.   So now Paypal should be up and running and as soon as
I have finished this letter I am going to pay for the one I ordered.  

I have started an Andre and his fans picture web page.  So if you have a picture of you with our Maestro
and you are willing to have it posted sent it to me and I will add the picture.   You do have to know that if
you sent a picture is could also end up on other pages.   Anyone can download a picture unless there is a
mark made on them and I will not do so.    My whole goal of the web site has always been to share and
to let people know about this amazing musician and his orchestra  and if others want to take the pictures
to share that is fine with me.   Only if you take a translation which is fine too, but then I would appreciate
a credit.   

Andre has been posting his concert schedule much earlier than he has done in the past and that is great.   
Now we have a change to all get good seats.   In the past the good seats were already sold before many
of us found out from his website.    Right now several Venues have gone to ticketmaster.   However not
all concerts will be sold by ticketmaster, if PBS can sell him out, tickets may never make it to to the
general market.

I will start a new page on my translation page.   Whenever Andre's message is in a language other than
English I will attempt to translate it for you and you will be able to find it on that page.   Yesterday the
message was in German.   It is already gone but he was asking for a lady by the name of Angelika
Pappe from Hanover.  He apparently knew her, but lost track of her, and would like to get into contact
with her.

We think the picture of the the crew in New Jersey is at the Liberty Park.   Mmmm, what are they setting
up for us now.   Looks like there are some surprises in store.

My thanks go out to all the fans who have sent pictures and stories.   Monique wrote a great report about
her latest concert.   She sent wonderful pictures too.   If you have a fun anecdote that you would like to
share sent it to me and I will try to add it to the site or in a news letter.   

Anyone interested in making an Andre bumper sticker write me for information.   I hope to get something
up on the site, but have not had the time.   The same counts for the sweatshirts.   You can see them on
the newest DVD.  They were made here in the States and we can still have them done if anyone is

If you have a fast connection you can see quite a few Andre video's on  
http://www.sterren.nl/index.php?id=andrerieu     scroll down to Video's bekijken.   Every little icon there is
a different video you can watch.    Have fun!!!

To end this letter I have a little translation for you
"Today we have something to tell you about Andre Rieu....
In an interview he was as always asked about his Stradivarius.    We heard that this valuable instrument
at night is in bed with you.   We heard that Andre loves his wife very much, but his Stradivarius at least as
The interviewer then asks: "Andre, if there would be a fire at your home at night, who will you rescue first,
your wife or your Stradivarius???
Without a care in the world Andre answers: "   Ah and this is the cliffhanger for this letter, what do you
think he answers???

Happy Valentines Day