TROS Lunch TV  
                                                             November 26, 2002
                                                               Translation  Sonja

I have only translated that part of the interview which involved Andre Rieu.  The conversation took place on the cruise
to Mexico.  Three performers where interviewed at the same time.  The interviewer clearly did not know much about
André or his music and at times asked some pretty silly questions.  On this website is also a performance of Andre
accompanied only by a keyboard playing “The red rose café’ during Lunch TV.  There also is a performance with the
whole orchestra on another part of this same site.

Did you sleep well?
Very well.

André, have you ever traveled on a cruise ship before?
No, this is the first time.

How do you like it?
Fantastic, this is a beautiful ship.  You do not feel any movement and I slept wonderfully

When we get back on land, where are you going next?  You travel around the world, right?
Yes, we start with our German tour so we will tour a few months through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.  
That is next.  We start that right away.  
You play in large halls, right.

How large is the organization for you.  You are here now by yourself, but normally you have a complete orchestra with
Yes, I feel a little naked, because the orchestra is not with me, but I did bring my violin.  They will come tomorrow and
then we all are together again.

Then you are complete again?
Yes, then I am complete.

You make many CDs for different countries, are they all the same and   just the different languages on the title?
Until recently that was the case but I have built a studio.

In Maastricht where I live.  With the idea that in that way it is much easier to react to a request of a country.  Like can
you record this or that.  So that is exactly what happened.  I have made a new CD, but actually I have made 7 CDs,
since every country said, Oh, you have a studio than you can record this song for us.

So, they ask that from you?
Yes, this way I can better adapt to the country.  Japan wanted a Japanese song, France always wants something

Japanese songs?
Yes, very pretty.

How can we imagine that?
André plays a Japanese song.

Beautiful.  Are there many pretty compositions in Japan?
Yes, truly beautiful, and strangely enough many sound Irish.  I think that thousands of years ago an Irishman with a
little boat went in the wrong direction and ended up in Japan.(Later during the conversation.)

Maybe you can act too.
No, not me.

Well, maybe hidden talents will surface.
We just played together for a few minutes and that were fun moments.

But that is not what I meant, I mean acting talent.
Me acting, I do not think so.

(One of the other performers breaks in with.)
You can be the Dutch James Bond.
No, I would not at all be able to do that.

You are going to stick with playing the violin?
Right, just let me play.

André you came from a very musical family, your father was conductor and they used to talk about music all the time.

Your family also works along in the business with you?
Yes, some time ago my brother started working with me, about three of four years ago.  And well Marjorie, my wife, we
of course built it up together and since short is my youngest son Pierre my production manager world wide.
It is great fun.

Is there ever a different topic of conversation then business or music…..

No, really?
No, no but it is such fun, I mean that seriously.  For instance when we take a walk Marjorie and I always talk about
text, new ideas, CDs etc. we always talk about that.

(Here the interviewer turns to another Ron Boszhard)
Are you also such a freak, such a crazy person who is always busy with his work, Ron? ( I think this was rather rude
and inappropriate.)

(They are talking about the musical from the other performer.)
Very often people say it is only a musical especially in the classical music world, but in a musical you have to be able
to do it all, you have to sing, dance and act.

(Talking about Cor Bakker playing for Lionel Richie.)
Would you not like to do that?  You are of course always the soloist, to accompany another big star?
Well I am not always the soloist; we of course have other soloists in our orchestra.

Well, you understand what I mean.
Yes, I understand what you mean and I would very much enjoy that.
(Well, even if this interviewer did not know we all know that André and his orchestra have accompanied many different
soloists, from Carreras to Montserat Caballa and many many others.)

Who knows it may happen.  Now you are going to play?
I am not going to play until I have that food.  I am hungry.

You have to play for your food first.  
Andre plays ‘The red rose café. (Het kleine café aan de haven which translated really means ‘The little tavern by the
harbor’) accompanied by Cor Bakker on keyboard