Castle 'De Torentjes'
                                                                             Translation by Sonja

 Castle 'De Torentjes' back                            Castle 'De Torentjes' side

Castle 'de Torentjes' front

The name of Andre's Castle  'De Torentjes'  stands for 'The small towers'.  tjes is the Dutch diminutive.
Andre has said several times that he does not live in the castle but in a regular home.   The house is close to the
castle.  He uses the castle for publicity and has some offices in it.   The girl that wrote to me asking for help with
trying to get Andre on the Oprah show works in the castle.    He holds his interviews and receives his guests at the
castle.    His home, where he lives with Marjorie is their private haven.  

The offices in the castle, check out the fireplace.  

The location of 'De Torentjes' was in the Middle ages known by the name of Befort, this was later corrupted to
Bevors and was written on the stone as Beauvors.  

                                         In 1525 the house was known as "Huys ende hoeff te Bovorts" (I think that                            
                                         means House and garden of Bovorts)  Arnold Creusen was the owner at           
                                         the time.  On May 17, 1525 he sold the house to Master Nicolaes Beyssel,                           
                                          a medical doctor and canon in the Servaas (church in Maastricht) for 185                             
                                         guilder. (about $90.00)  

The castle was built on the ruins of this former house (1294)  
In the wall at right angles on the front facade you will find a memorial stone with the Arms of Nicolaes
Beyssel.  He was owner of the house from May 1525 until September 1541.  
The Late-gothic complex was built in 1526.    Raised completely out of
Marl stone and for a large part renovated. The house has a rectangular
floor plan with a stair facade, and it has a square tower with pear.  
There is a saddle back roof between step gables at the short ends, and
show anchors from the building year.
Coat of Arms of Nicolaes Beyssel

In 1543 the house is sold to Reijnart Spreuwart.  It stays in that family for quite a while but on March 20, the house
now called "Spreeuwarts Torentjes".  On March 20, 1795 the house is sold to Martinus CLAESSENS married to
Catharina JASPERS.  In 1810 their son Winand Claessens became the owner of the house, by now called 'De
On a memorial tablet is the text "anno/W.K./1810.  which is for Winand.  In 1842 the son-in-law Nicolas Rooymans
takes over ownership and in 1869 the owner is Peereboom Rooymans.   He sold the castle in 1871 to Nicolas Pierre,
and in 1907 Mr Nicolas Gillessen-Lemaire bought 'De Torentjes'.


                                                             A depiction of the area of
                                                             the castle in 1670

During the Belgium revolution Maastricht was under siege for 9 years. (1830-1839)   And many of the  Pro-Belgium
people of Maastricht regularly had secret meetings in 'De Torentjes'.  Many of the people were pro-Belgium.  Many of
the Belgium cities were business partners.  Most people in Maastricht spoke better German and French than Dutch.  
The large Dutch cities were far away and the inhabitants of those cities often had a different religion.   The isolation
of Maastricht by King Willem I (1772-1843) with many negative economic consequences stirred up bad feelings by
many people from Maastricht.  
On April 19, 1839 a contract was signed in London which made the borders between the countries
definite.  Limburg was part on the Netherlands!  Many of the people were not happy with it.  

The building is classified as a Castle and falls under the Department of Environment of the Historic Buildings Bureau.  
It is considered a historical monument.  National monument nr. 27963, State monument 6212NC1
Inside, items are used that come from elsewhere, like a part of the 18e century carved wainscoting  from
the 'Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk' ('our dear lady church') in Maastricht

The pillars of the former house of States which were replaced in 1914 have found a  home at the back gate at
'De Torentjes'

The house on the right, in front of the castle is part on the castle complex.  It is being renovated and rebuilt.  


Area of the garden where the
King of his Castle                                   new garden room is being built.

Andre bought his Castle on September 11, 1999, and he paid 1.458.459.00 Euro for it. (about $1.900.000.00)   Of
course it needed and still needs a lot of work.   


The castle complex and the house in front of it.   When this
                                                     picture was taken they were not working on it yet

I tried to find out something about Andre's story about D'artagnan eating his last meal in the Castle, but I did not find
anything.   That does not mean it did not happen, just that I was not able to locate anything.

Some of the information and pictures on this page came from the web page of Mr Breur Henket.    He kindly gave me permission to use
the information for the English speaking fans of Andre.    Mr Henket has since I put this page together added some pictures and
information to his web page.  

This is the design for a glass
garden room.  Some progress has
been made and it looks very nice.