Wer wird Millionar?                                                                
 The German version of
Who wants to be a Millionaire?

On Nov 25,  2004 Andre was a contestant on the RTL show 'Wer wird Millionar'   His guest
appearance was for a charity.    
Andre won a total of 16.000 Euro for the charity 'We help Children'.     The twelfth and his last
question was:  In 1894 Alex von Hessen-Darmstadt became the last empress of ???    Andre
narrowed it down to China and Russia but unfortunately guessed China and the answer was Russia.

Andre had faith in his lifelines.   They are: "My wife Marjorie is responsible for music, since I do not
know anything about music.  My son Marc for art, since he studies art history.  And I will call
Johannes B. Kerner for sport and politics and all remaining questions I should I know. However the
first questions are frequently related to Germany and there I will trust  the audience.  

I did not see this show, but did hear from a fan and she said: Andre was kind of fidgety, and looked
not quite at ease.   He did call Marc as his life line and she told me Marc sounds like his father.

Andre had a great-niece of Marjorie with him in the audience.