A tribute

Erik Buch and his "Straussmobile".

If you ever went to Copenhagen and flagged down a taxi, you could have had a
wonderful surprise if you ended up in Erik's taxi.   Erik Buch had a taxi he named
the "Straussmobile"      Erik was a huge Andre fan!!!   Andre's music inspired him
to name his taxi the "Straussmobile" and he only played Andre's music in his taxi.

Erik and his wife Anne first saw Andre Rieu on German Television.  It was 1996
and they both fell in love with Andre's music.   
It took a while but they finally were able to enjoy their first live concert when
Andre came to Denmark on January 24, 2003 and they went to his performance
in Copenhagen.    After that first concert they were sold, and like so many other
fans around the world they wanted more.   

The taxi got his name when Erik came home
from work one day and just in gist said:
"I have to name my taxi".    Since by then
he ONLY played Andre's music while driving,
the only other thing heard in the taxi was the
news and traffic radio, it would come on when
there was a accident or road work and such)
he wanted to name his taxi
"the Straussmobile"

They asked permission in the guestbook
to name the taxi, 'The Straussmobile" , and received a very fast answer, YES
YES, but please send us some pictures.  He baptised the taxi with its new name
and added name and notes to the outside of the car, after which they send some
pictures of their newly named 'Straussmobile' to Andre.  

And so 'the Straussmobile' was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and for several
years, business men, tourists and everyone entering Erik's taxi would get an
earful with  Andre's Music.    

The reaction to the music in the taxi was always positive, people often relaxed
with the music after long days at work, small children calmed down and went to
sleep, and I am pretty sure that Erik promoted André to many-many people who
had never heard about our dear Maestro.

One time Copenhagen hosted a big conference about mental illness, and within
a single week Erik received so many positive reactions to the music and his idea
of only playing Andre's music- the reaction was more than once that if that music
was played in the waiting rooms at the doctor's clinic it would make their job
much easier.

One person in a large team of Therapists suggested that Erik should get some
kind of award for his wonderful idea.

Also many of the Japanese customers recognized the piece SAKURA, and some
were actually in tears to be so far away from home and then hearing André
playing their music.

Anne and Erik also reached out to other
fans around the world and through email
and in person made friends with many.
They also went to more concerts, even if
they had to travel to do so.   Ruud and
Ineke from Holland visited them in
Copenhagen and ordered the
'Straussmobile' ahead of their arrival to
bring them from the airport to their hotel.  Ineke asked Erik if he ever became
bored with Andre's music.  His reaction was: "Never"!!!

                                        The very sad news is that the Straussmobile
                                         has now forever been retired.  On
                                         September 11, Erik was diagnosed with a
                                         very aggressive form of liver cancer.  He
                                         died peacefully in his sleep only three days
                                          later.   There was nothing the doctors   
                                          could do for him.

                                         Anne (
together with Ruud and Ineke) with her
                                         son Michael at the wheel drove the last
                                         trip with the Straussmobile to the chapel
                                        and the cemetery.     During the service they played
Andre's Red Rose café, which was one of Erik's favorites and they played the
Ballade of the Gadfly, Anne's favorite.  

Anne was very pleased with the letters and emails she received from many
Andre fans, even from Andre's company came a letter of condolences.

She promised us that she will come to the concerts in Maastricht in the summer
of 2007.  And we are sure Erik would have wanted her to do so, to find some
solace in Andre's music and with their Andre Friends

Ruud, Ineke, Anne and Erik
Erik and Anne with Emma at the
Keukenhof in the Netherlands.
'The Straussmobile'.