The first US concert tour
                                                                and my first Andre concertIn

In 1997 Andre toured the US for the first time.   (
You can find a 1997 article under translations. 'Andre
conquers America).      
I found out that he would be in Columbus on November 10,  from my friend, Paula.  
Paula grew up in Maastricht, and was friends with Manoe's mother.  (
She heard it from one of Manoe's
cousin who lives in Indiana
) .    Andre did not have a website yet, and if not for her, I would not have
known.      At the time I already had my little group of Dutch friends and we come together for coffee on a
regular basis.     We decided to all go to the concert and we went with a group of about seven.    We had
seats on the second row.  The concert was called 'The Vienna I love, but actually was a combination of
'The Vienna I love' and 'In Concert'.  

They played:
Voices of Spring                                             J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
On the Hunt                                                    J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
Gold and Silver                                               F. Lehar  /arr A. Rieu
Egyptian March                                              J. Strauss/arr A.Rieu
Ave Maria                                                      F. Schubert/arr A. Rieu and J. v.d. Ven
Bahnfrei                                                         F. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
Tales of the Vienna Woods                              J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
The third Man                                                 A. Karas/arr J. Huijts  zither solo Frederic Jenniges
Song of the Volga                                           F. Lehar/arr A. Rieu
Overture to Orpheus in the Underworld             J. Offenbach/arr A. Rieu


My Mother was a Viennese                              L. Gruber/arr A. Rieu
Fireworks Polka                                              J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
Emperor Waltz                                                J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
Salome                                                           R. Stoltz/arr A. Rieu
Meditation from Thais                                      J. Massenet/arr A. Rieu
The Blue Danube                                             J. Strauss/arr A. Rieu
Circus Renz                                                    G. Peter/arr A. Rieu
The White Horse Inn                                        R. Stolz/R. Bernatzky/R. Gilbert/Arr A.Rieu
Radetzky March                                              J. Strauss/arr. A. Rieu


I am afraid I do not remember all the encores they played, but do remember that they played the Glenn
Miller Medley, with Renate Dirix, Lin Jong and Manoe Konings as 'The Andre Sisters' they also played the
Second Waltz and The last rose.  The best part of Andre's concerts often are the encores and that was
this time no exception, they were lots of fun and many people (us included) got up and danced.

There were some people late and Andre did his usual.   "Well, we came from Holland and we were on
time".      Battelle Hall is a multi-purpose arena and exhibit hall located in Columbus, Ohio, part of the
Greater Columbus Convention Center. It was built in 1980, and is used for a variety of events, including
concerts, trade shows, and sporting events. For concerts it can hold about 6000 people, but I am sure it
was not even part way filled.   
There was no glossy program like these days, but just a little flyer with the selections, the orchestra
members and other crew and a story about Andre and his JSO. (
You can read the program on the concert page)

The JSO that came on this tour consisted of:
Jet Gelens
Frank Steijns
Lin Jong
Kremi Minerva
Guido Dieteren
Monica Das
Freya Cremers
Diana Morinsikhof
Claire Deplnque

Martijntje Hermans
Klaartje Polman  

Andrea Ivanyos
Magriet van Lexmond
Hanneke Roggen
Marie-Helene Bertholome
(played in MSO)
Catherine Lebrun

Wil Rijs
Roland LaFosse

Ward Vlasveld                                                                                                         
Thank you very much and maybe we will see each other again!
During intermission my friend Paula was allowed back stage so she could greet Manoe.   Manoe told
us Andre always tries to rest during the intermission and would see no one.   I was not able  to talk to
him but he did sign a card for me.   We drove back to Cincinnati like Monique would say on a pink cloud.
What a wonderful time we had.  I was thrilled with my card and I planned to go to any concert in the
area in the future.  
Frederic Jenniges was the guest act.   Frederic traveled with Andre for a few years and now is the conductor
for the Bochumer Zitherorchestra.   This year 2007 he again is on tour with Andre


Manoe Konings

Renate Dirix

Marc Doomen

Rene Henket
Roger Diederen

Ruud Merx

Marcel Falize
Mireille Brepols

Teun in 1997 still dark hair
Marc Doomen, there is a link to
his homepage on the link page.