Rita's inspiration

Andre' Rieu  Oh, how you inspired me!  When I think of how much you have enriched my life, my head spins.

Different pictures appear before me.  It was the summer of 1998.  I turned on TV, switched channels, and there
you were. A Man and his Violin.  The cameras focused on your face, a face I shall never forget. As the Man's
hands tenderly caressed his violin, the sweet sounds filled my living room with wonder, and filled
my heart with such a blast of Happiness and Serenity.  

Who is this Man?  Why have I never come across him on TV before?  How could I not know who this Magnificent
Man with his glorious Orchestra which dreamily following him with such beautiful Music.  Is this his first time on
TV?  So many questions I asked myself. Where have I been, Surely, I would know of him.   At break time I found
out this was Andre' Rieu from Holland and his Johann Strauss Orchestra.  My phone rang two times,  I Quickly
said "Please not now, gave my friends a channel to watch and they were  hooked too...Beautiful women in lovely
ball gowns, smiles on the Orchestra's faces were so real so genuine, so completely immersed in their playing.   I
could actually feel myself with the same smiling expression on my face as the Orchestra.  

                                      Talk about taking a journey thru time with the  waltzes, the Swaying, the Dancing,             
                                       so many emotions.  This man played as if every song was a Love Song.  A                        
                                       Dedication, A Tribute, to the True Meaning of Music.  I always loved Classical                   
                                       music, was raised with Caruso filling our home, along with country music also..                  
                                       But, Caruso being number one  with me.  I loved singing, I loved the entire aspect              
                                       of what Music represented.  It is always alive in my home.  

                                     This man faced his audience and my word, he stood  up the entire time!! Isn't he                
                                      tired yet?
                                    I would soon come to learn that this Man called Andre' Rieu is Tireless. His sparkle,            
                                     his Charisma, His beautiful Smile had me almost in a trance. If I thought I loved                    
                                     Classical Music before,  I Loved it even more now. WHY?  Because This Man, and             
                                     His Violin, had entirely changed the meaning of the Word Classical.  In it's place                  
                                     was a unique, genuinely, profound difference.   Andre's music is very different from              
                                     the Old Classical Music I grew up with.  

This Music was alive, This Music Reached Out, This Music Touched  Me in a Way, I have carried with me until
today, the Year 2006.  This Man called Andre' from Holland, with the Charisma, the Charm, the Determination, the
Dedication that allowed him to make a drastic change to  the meaning of  "Classical".. I never ceased to be
amazed daily , as I listen to Andre's Cd's  or watch Concerts on TV.  

And finally after so many years of wanting to see Andre' live,  I made it to Trenton,
New Jersey May 16, 2005.  That was a day that is locked in my Heart Forever, for
more than one reason.  I also met someone at Andre's Concert,  sitting across the
aisle from  me, who till this time has become very important to me, as I am to him.  
We still see each other, have a marvelous time together, (he lives a few hours from
me) with a beautiful Friendship.  Andre', look what you  have done for me, besides
finding  you and your  Music.

Besides having met the Most wonderful Violinist in the World, his Beautiful JSO
Orchestra, I met "HIM". Thank you Andre'.  Knowing the Romantic that you are,
so am I, thought you'd get a smile out of this Tale of mine..  Andre' you have
touched my soul, with your Music, you have inspired me to Love Music even more than I did, which I never
thought possible.  

You have inspired people around the world. You have brought Joy into people's lives, and  helped with their  
illnesses, brought  Hope, Peace, Joy, and the feeling that for  today "All is okay in the world".. Andre' your music is
healing, inspiring people to go on playing their music, inspiring others to go back to playing an instrument, and for
young children to start to play an instrument, wanting to be 'Just Like You"..

Oh my word, Andre' look at what you have done.  You have joined Hearts and Hands across the globe.  So many
wonderful friends have I met through  your web sites, hundreds of people uniting in Friendship, either e mailing
each other, calling each other, and  Meeting and Greeting each other as they attend your  Concerts around the
globe.  Look what an array of Beauty you have created.  The world cries for you and your JSO.  You are an
Inspiration for everyone who sees you, knows of you, listens to you.  

The Man and His Violin.  Your Heart, your Soul, all of you, sings in Harmony at what you yourself have created.  
You had a Dream, you had the Patience to wait for it until the Time was right, You and Your Marjorie, such a
lovely woman, Your sons, to be so Proud of, Your JSO, all persevered, till it happened.  The Man and HIS  Violin,
made it happen.  Please Andre' live to be 120 as you wish to be, so you can continue your life's dream. And, of
course for all of us now, our Children, and their children will not be deprived of the Happiness of seeing live: "The
Man and HIS Violin.  Long live the King, Andre'.  You have accomplished It All.. With A Song In My Heart, your
Devoted Fan,   
Rita Bullitis