Andre and the JSO touring the USA and Canada in 2006
This map was made for us by Chris from Boise, Idaho/Sonja
We are very fortunate that Andre and his JSO are coming to tour America four times this year.  Plus a
very special concert in July!
They be here on April 18, when they start the tour in Miami, they finish in Milwaukee on April 29.  
The Miami to Milwaukee tour is Blue.  
After a well deserved rest they will return on May 15, to perform in Detroit, they will finish their second tour
on May 30, in Chicago.  The Detroit to Chicago line is pink.  
Andre and his JSO will return to us on July 29, for a very special performance in New York's Radio City
Music Hall.    This concert will be taped for broadcast on PBS later in the year.
On October 21, they will start the third tour in Portland, OR, they will end that tour on November 4e in Salt
Lake City.   That line in Red.
They will return once more in December first is Sacramento for the start of the Christmas tour, they will
finish the year on December 15/16 with two concerts in Toronto, Canada.