Carla Maffioletti
born c.1980 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Carla has Italian and Dutch blood but she was born in the
largest city in southern Brazil; a port town on Guajará Bay
not far from the border with Uruguay and Argentina. As a
veryyoung girl she began playing the violin before changing
to classical guitar, and she graduated from the Conservatory
with the highest grades as a classical guitarist.   Her talents were such that
by her early teens she was performing at concerts throughout the country.
While at university she began taking singing lessons and after a role in
Mozart's "Magic Flute" she realized that singing was her life, she very
quickly developed her outstanding voice.

Multilingual, Carla decided to study voice
at the Maastricht Academy of Music in
Maastricht, the Netherlands, were she met
and became friends with another singer from
Brasil,  Carmen Monarcha.
While attending the academy, she came to
the attention of André Rieu who hired her
as a vocalist with his Johann Strauss

In addition to global touring with the orchestra, Carla has performed
as a soloist on several of Rieu's albums and has appeared in his PBS
television broadcasts in the United States.

She too is a very nice girl and always gracious and willing to talk to the fans.
I talked to her in Maastricht and gave her a letter from a young girl from St
Louis.   Carla said she remembered the girl and thanked me for bringing it.
She said she hope to see her on the next tour.    I also asked her if she
would leave the JSO too like Carmen and at that time she still thought she
would, but she did tell me that she would stay in Holland.  I was very glad to
see she is still with the JSO this concert tour.
CArla Maffioletti. Andre Rieu
Carla Maffioletti, Andre Rieu
CARla Maffioletti