The Rieu Family
Andre Leon Marie Nicolas Rieu
Marjorie Rieu-Kochmann
Marc Rieu
Pierre Rieu
Robert Rieu
Jean-Philippe Rieu
Andries Antonie Rieu
Gaby Buirma-Rieu
Teresia Rieu
Andries Antonie Rieu.
As or Septermber 1964 Mr Andries Antonie Rieu was
appointed the permanent conductor or the Maastricht
Symphony Orchestra, he was to remain MSO's
conductor for 31 years. Rieu was known as a contested
figure; not so much related to his knowledge and ability,
but concerning his association with the orchestra
members.  A man with friends through thick and thin,
but also a man with grim enemies.  Indirectly this has
put a stamp upon the history of the orchestra.
Connoisseur describe the 'period Rieu' as: "Rich in
conflicts, changes of structure , defeat, but also one
with success and events important with respect to
musical history.   
                                                Andre Rieu and his family.
This is a picture from 1995, it is 12 years old.   It was taken for an article in a Dutch magazine.   Since that time
there have not been any publicity pictures of Marjorie.   Only pictures taken by paparazzi for tabloid magazines or
by fans who recognized her.     Marjorie prefers to stay our of the public eye and I will honor that by not posting
such pictures.   So the only pictures you will find on this site are older pictures taken for their book and for
Andre Rieu with his wife
Marjorie and their sons
Marc and Pierre
On this picture Marc is around 16 and Pierre is about 13.  
(The writing on the picture says: "Without the serious look so common at classical concerts, but with a
wide smile on his face plays Andre Rieu one Waltz after the other the RABO top 40 in.  The
violinist/conductor from Maastricht has his eye on one goal, to make the whole world waltz!  He too
likes to dance, but the waltz he started with his wife Marjorie almost turned into a divorce.  
This picture came from the
same 1995 article.   
Marjorie Rieu-Kochmann has
Jewish parents.  She met Andre
for the first time when he was 9
and she was 11.    Marjorie was
a teacher, she taught German
and Italian.  In 1981 she did a
translation of a book titled Short
history of  German Literature.
She also wrote "My music, my
life" about Andre.    And has
written the words to several
compositions, including "Lost
Heroes" and "Please, don't go".
Andre and his brother Robert Rieu. (2004)  Robert lives in Marseille,
France.      I heard he plays cello in an orchestra in Marseille, France  
Pierre, Andre and Robert Rieu
Youngest brother Jean-Philippe.  Jean-Philippe and Andre worked together from 2001 until 2004, together they
made several beautiful compositions.  Including 'Lost Heroes' and 'Please, don't go'.  (
Marjorie wrote the words)  
Jean-Philippe has since he left Andre's company composed and produced several CDs.  The latest is Azur.  
For more information about Jean-Philippe you can find a page on this website:  
Jean-Philippe also has a website and a myspace site.  Go to  or his myspace site at  
Andre is not the only brother who makes beautiful music.  If interested you can buy his CDs online at his website
with Paypal.
The last news is that Andre and Jean-Philippe again have worked together on a composition.   
Andre's older sister Teresia Rieu plays the harp.  She performed on several recordings which can still be bought
on   She was (is?) a harp instructor at the Maastricht, Arnhem and Rotterdam conservatories.   She
had several students of note, including Manja Smits, Ellen Versney and Bianca Tabois and Manou Liebert,
known as the harp duo. .  
Andre's youngest sister Gaby Buirma-Rieu is 10 years younger than Andre.  She is married and has 5 children
between the ages of 13 and 20.  They still live in Limburg.      She and her husband Bert, unlike Andre have
stayed true to their Catholic roots. They have even given lectures on how to raise children with religion, with
many examples on how to realize religion in a day to day family life.   From getting up earlier to pray together to
going to church including on vacation even if you do not understand the language being spoken in the church.   
They leave everything in the hands of God.  For Gaby is religion everything.  
Of Andre she says he is a very warm, devoted and loving brother.   He respects her believe and she his.  
I have not been able to find anything about Andre's older sister Cillia and Andre's mother too stays out of the
limelight.    I did hear that she sometimes still can be seen riding her bike around Maastricht.   A neighbor in
Maastricht told me this and I am not sure if this is true.   Andre was the third born and is a year older than I am,
so she must be in her eighties, but Dutch women do ride bikes and my Mom still does ride her bike to the store.  
She must be very proud of the son she gave the violin to when he was only a five year old little boy, and to now
see he really does have the world dancing the Waltz.
Marc Rieu, Andre's older son. Andre calls him a romantic with an encyclopedic knowledge of music.   Marc is a
painter.   I have been fortunate to meet Marc a few times and he is a very nice young man.   I am the proud owner
of one of his paintings, which I like very much.